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Web site of Henry Koch with emphasis alternative energy, power generation, experiments, a homemade Lenz2 wind turbine, generator, stirling engine, Internet of Things, measurement and control with 8Bit AVR microcontroller, Arduino and with embedded Linux systems, as such as Raspberry Pi

Welcome to www.HenryKoch.de!

Henry KochYou are currently browsing the homepage of Henry Koch and you can get an impression of, who I am, what I am dealing with, and what my hobbies are.

Especially am I interested in anything that has to do with alternative energy and using of energy sparingly, efficiently and economically.

Since 2012, I create energy with a small solar panel and a small homemade wind turbine, just for a sense of how much work, technologies and skills would be necessary to enable me to come able to supply myself out of my own power with energy.