Cardboard stirling motor – Assembly – Part 1

– Flywheel, master cylinder and displacement piston –

9.12.2008 Assemble of the flywheel: separate and gluing of 4 pre-punched cardboard rings.

Schwungrad Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

13.12.2008 Getting started with the assembly of the master cylinder; Manufactoring of the joints and gluing the ‘cylinder wall’

Hauptzylinderwand Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

14.12.2008 Further in the plan for assembling the main cylinder; Glue the ‘cylinder wall’ and glue it onto the base plate.
In this case, the flywheel serves to keep the ring in the correct shape during gluing.
It is nice to see that the 4 layers of cardboard nevertheless build up to a considerable strength.

Hauptzylinderwand die zweite Pappkarton Heissluftmotor Hauptzylinder Zusammenbau Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

21.12.2008 Assembling of the displacement piston and glue the axle brackets for the flywheel.

Verdraengerkolben Zusammenbau Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

Finished displacement piston and flywheel with axle holder;

Verdraengerkolben und Schwungrad Zusammenbau Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

22.12.2008 Short intermediate, which in part 1 everything so has arised. The main cylinder was largely finished. The displacement piston is ready and the flywheel is also.

Zwischenstand Zusammenbau Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

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