Cardboard stirling motor – Assembly – Part 2

-Working cylinder, Working piston, Completion Master cylinder,
Test for tightness + video on youtube

23.12.2008 Assembly of the working cylinder

Zusammenbau Arbeitszylinder Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

23.12.2008 Assembly of working piston

Montage Arbeitkolben Pappkarton Heissluftmotor Zusammenbau Arbeitkolben Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

In order to clamp the latex membrane, an adhesive stick was used in the first experiment, which proved to be not good.
One should hold exactly to the 17 mm diameter required in the manual, which I did in the second experiment and see, the piston moves more easily.
Fig. 2 shows the working piston incl. Assembly.

29.12.2008 First functional test whether the entire system is tight. For this I have set a small video.

Again a small photo of the main cylinder with displacement piston, working cylinder and work piston

Karton Heissluftmotor Hauptzylinder Arbeitskolben Arbeitszylider

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