Cardboard stirling motor – Assembly – Part 3

Brackets conrod, crankshaft final assembly + youtube Video from the test run

30.12.2008 Assembling of the side brackets

Staender Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

1.1.2009 Assembly rods for working piston, displacement piston and bearing cups for the crankshaft

Pappkarton Heissluftmotor Lagerschalen Pleuel


Zwischenstand Pappkarton Heissluftmotor

Video one of the first test runs;
The video shows a test run in which the Stirling engine does run not heated from below as designed, but is cooled from below by means of snow.
Unfortunately, the temperature difference between the snow and the room temperature was not enough to get the engine running, so I had to heat up the top slightly.


  • The engine ran straight away
  • In the first test the engine ran from 21.25 – 21.56 clock on 2.1.2009, thus 31 minutes!
  • The speed is not exhilarating. I estimate between 60 and 100 rpm
  • With increasing running time, ie decreasing temperature difference, the engine fights like a bull.
    It can be seen correctly that the speed of rotation in the expansion phase is greater and the remaining 270 degrees to the new working phase are moved through the flywheel.
  • The bearings of the crankshaft should be oiled
  • Overall Impression: -> Enthusiasm

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