Tinker with electronics

I am interested in technical devices / equipment and almost everything in the context has to do with some form of electronics.
The focus is on the topic of energy production and energy use.

For example, I test various possibilities to generate electricity using generators built up by myself.
The aim is to come into the situation to permanently charge power to a battery or similar.
The necessary structure should ideally be based on self-construction as much as possible.
But it should also focus on the ‘use of solar energy’. On the one hand photovoltaics, where currently I’ve no more than a small solar cell with standard charge controller have to offer.
On the other hand, I would like to use the thermal energy of the sun.
From my point of view, this provides ample scope for experiments, e.g. temperature measurement, data logging, temperature dependent triggering of various actions.
At the age of 13 I built my first detector (medium wave radio).
In times of live streams and DAB +, this does not produce a huge enthusiasm.
If you have built one (max. 10 parts / approx. 5 Euro), the topic will not let go again you.
It is fascinating to be able to listen to several 100 kilometers distant stations without having to supply the radio with electricity. (Unfortunately, at least all of the medium – wave transmitters were switched off in Germany.)
Not everything from electronics is located under this section.
Much is also stored in the category area (for example, in programming) as an article.
:-) Thanks for reading :-)

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