Raspberry Pi

Read temperature of Raspberry on the command line

As the owner of one or more Raspberry Pis arises certainly sometime interest in monitoring the CPU temperature.
In particular, when the CPU (maybe even outside the “permitted” area) is overclocked (read more)

Stirling Engine

Solar Low Temperature Stirling Engine

A very interesting project to build in the student of grade 7/8 a Stirling engine for watering your school garden.
All this is supported with many images, PDF files and an easily understandable theory.
An ideal project for more school gardens and a nice resource for personal knowledge base.

… 12 students of the Montessori High School have done something very special. They want to water their school garden with innovative technology. In cooperation with the Stirling Institute of Technology a non-profit company from Potsdam will to be built a solar low temperature Stirling engine. The invention is based on the patent of the Institute with the no. 100 16 707.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi – setting up WIFI via the command line

Link to a official instruction manual, how you can setup access to your home wifi, in few and well understandable steps.

The WIFI stick was detected from my linux automatically without problems.

Maybe a little bit better is the following explanation: