Alternative Energy

Intro about alternative energy at From there, we continue to the theme areas of Stirling engines, solar, selfmade generators.

Alternative Energy sounds like eco, like commune residents who bearing long beards. We in Germany call these guys ‘Ökos’.
They spend all their energy to live together in harmony with our environment, animals, plants and all them what crawls around us on our earth.

Basically, these people are on the right way!

Kidding aside!
We will have to prepare ourselves to forgo on oil, gas, uranium and what it still shows as energy sources under the earth.
Whether eco freak or normal consumer, the fossil energy reserves will be less and therefore more expensive for the same or even increasing demand.

For several years it has become apparent that a lot of jobs have been created in the field of alternative energy.
The topic is so slow off the mark.

In my opinion, not because all have a looming climate catastrophe in sight, but because ‘thanks’ rising commodity prices with Alternative Energy already good money can be earned.

In my view, some development goes in the wrong direction, such as to obstruct  Arable land full of solar cells.

These fields should be used for food-plants or other plants which are the base to make energy.
Maybe the typical farmer will loose his existence, only for the purpose of maximising profit.
Solar cells are excellent for roofs and house facades.

I want to report my experience with the topic using practical examples that I’ve experienced.

That will ideally encourage thinking about the subject, to follow one or other link, or even start your own experiment.

With our present-day technology we should be in a position  to  switch completely on renewable energy.

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